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Pigments, Dyes, Printing

Particle size is one of the important indicators of pigments, dyes, general requirements of particle physical shape stability, particle size uniform, and good dispersion, not condensed or precipitation.

Pigments are special substances that do not dissolve in the medium, so they must be well dispersed in the medium. Because of their optical properties, they are used as coloring substances, such as in paints, printing inks or inkjet inks, or as preservatives by virtue of special technical and chemical properties.

Dyes are divided into inorganic and organic dyes. Unlike pigments, they are completely soluble in their vehicle (water or organic solvent). They can be used to color fibers (textile dyes), plastics and plastic fibers, and as color-generating substances in food technology, such as beta-carotene in soft drinks.

The ultra-fine pulverization of pigments places high requirements on the machine technology used to ensure low residue, low pollution, less impurities, and easy cleaning.

EPIC Has Helped Them Solve the Problem

We can provide processes and equipment that meet the following performance indicators

  • Full ceramic protection,  increased amount of metal <20ppb.
  • The physical shape of the particles is stable, the particle size is uniform, and has good dispersibility, and does not cause agglomeration or precipitation.
  • Simple quick disassembly and assembly structure, which is conducive to cleaning and replacing materials.
  • Low residue, low pollution, less impurities.
  • Jet mill can be used instead of impact mill for production, with higher safety and finer particle size.