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In the pharmaceutical industry, ultrafine pulverization generally has the following characteristics

1.Small particle size, concentrated and uniform distribution, saving raw materials;

2.Adiabatic expansion of low-temperature and high-pressure air will absorb the heat generated by the collision of materials, will not overheat locally, and retain the biologically active ingredients of the drug, which is conducive to making the required high-quality products;

3.Simple quick disassembly and assembly structure, which is conducive to cleaning and replacing material varieties.

Generally, the size of the particles is about 100 microns, and they are ultra-finely pulverized to several microns. After ultra-micro processing, the surface area of the particles increases, and their dispersibility, adsorption capacity, surface activity, etc. have comprehensive changes. It is of great significance for improving the efficacy and saving the dosage.

EPIC Has Helped Them Solve the Problem

We can provide processes and equipment that meet the following performance indicators

  • Quick disassembly of equipment within 10min.
  • No dead angle, easy to clean.
  • High produce collection efficiency 99.9%.
  • Low noise design <80dB.
  • On-line cleaning (CIP) and on-line sterilization(SIP)design is optional.
  • Production operation protection (isolation cover/glove box).
  • Process parameter storage and historical record query.
  • Explosion-proof design, Full nitrogen protection.
  • Full set of verification documents (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ).